Let me write your blog

You know that a high-quality blog:

  • Attracts clients who already know that they need or want your services
  • Motivates those clients to connect with you
  • Keeps clients loyal once they’ve worked with you

But if you’re like most solopreneurs and small business owners, blog writing keeps slipping to the back burner, because of:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of ideas
  • Lack of confidence in your writing skills

I solve those problems by filling your blog with consistent, creative, high-quality content to engage and inform your audience. A recent client commented,

You’ve done a great job updating me about the project along the way, and because of that I trusted you were doing the right thing. I knew I didn’t need to email or call and you were doing great. I like the fact you took work OFF my plate, rather than adding to it.”

If you’d like to put content marketing to work for you right away, let’s talk! Contact me any time at corinne@corinnemckay.com or during Mountain Time business hours at 303-396-4764.

How it works

Process: You can be as involved or as uninvolved in the creative process as you want. Some of my clients send me detailed outlines of the articles they want, while others tell me, “Write 15 blog posts for people who need help marketing their IT service firms.” Either way is fine.

Commitment: Because I want you to see results from your content marketing efforts, I suggest an initial package of at least 10 posts.

Cost: About $100 per post, depending on the length you want. For readability, I recommend 500-800 words per post, and for SEO purposes, around 1,000 words.

Satisfaction: When you order any package of writing services from me, I always do a test assignment to make sure you’re satisfied with my style and tone. If you’re not happy with the test assignment, you pay nothing.

Other services: I also write tip sheets, e-books, web copy, white papers, testimonials, bios, and other types of marketing content. Just ask!