Meaningful content, for meaningful businesses

Clients come to me because they’ve got great ideas…but no time to turn those ideas into blog posts, case studies, white papers, tip sheets, and e-books.

I help businesses create content that establishes their expertise, draws traffic from people who want that expertise, and creates trust and loyalty once those people become clients. Based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, I work with clients who know that content strategy works when it’s done consistently and done right.

Let me create content that works for you, so that you can focus on what you do best (because what I do best is write!). Contact me if you’d like to talk about your content needs.

Why content?

In a sea of advertising, good content stands out. Good content establishes you as an expert. It draws traffic to your website organically. Good content attracts customers who want a lasting, trusting relationship with an expert, rather than the fastest, cheapest option they can find.

Whatever your target market, you need content that:

  • Emphasizes results rather than process. Make it about the client, not about you. When you’re not sure what to say, the easiest thing to talk about is yourself, or your business processes. “We’ve been family-owned since 1985.” “I put my heart and soul into every project I take on.” Great. But that’s now how you connect with potential clients. Instead, help clients see what’s in it for them. What painful or expensive situations do you help them avoid? What nagging goals do you help them achieve? What specific problems do you solve?
  • Shows your expertise. Stop trying to be all things to all clients. Lots of businesses and solopreneurs cast a wide marketing net, thinking that they don’t want to exclude a potential client…ever. But without a clear niche, market position, or specialization, you’ve got a few problems. You don’t know who you’re marketing to, or how to reach them. Once you have a niche, you need to create educational content around that niche. That’s how you show that you’re actually an expert in that niche; that you can actually deliver on the results you’re promising. Good content answers the question, “What makes you different from everyone else who provides this service?”
  • Shows how you’re different. Target higher-end clients who understand the value you bring. It’s probably not hard for clients to find someone else who does what you do. Maybe that someone else is cheaper or faster than you are; maybe they’re running a discount coupon online. But you don’t want clients looking for fast and cheap; in fact, you want clients who understand that quality work is not cheap. Because good content establishes your expertise, it helps you work with higher-end clients, and it helps you be more selective about who you work with. Rather than taking every job that lands in the inbox (as fast as possible, before the potential client changes their mind or finds someone else…), a content strategy helps you attract and retain clients you love working with.